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Guitar 271

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EKO Acoustic Contrabass guitar, 1975

It is a long time I have got many question about a acoustic bass guitar which really sounds like a bas. Looking around at the marked there seems no such instrument’s. I did experiment a lot with all sorts of bodies, scales and strings. This is the first time I found solutions which give this effect. Guitar 272 was build on a normal classical body and I used Savarez contrabass strings. This guitar 271 is build on an old EKO acoustic bas and I used Thomastik strings. The third one I am going to composed is build on a western body and will by stringed with savarez . All three guitars will be tried out by professional bas players. The first reactions are good and both guitars are sold all ready and I have orders for 2 more. There will be sound samples and comments on these 3 experiments on my website soon. A big jazz music bass?

  • Mensuur; (Scale) 86 cm
  • Wood all solid. top; good book matched spruce, back and sides; mahogany, neck; composed maple with mahogany, fret board; rosewood fretless with marks, bridge; rosewood, tailpiece nickel original.
  • Nut; bone
  • Fingerboard; 47 - 63 mm.
  • Frets; no frets but 23 markers.
  • Strings; Tomastic contrabass guitar.
  • Tuners; 64individual, beautiful original solid steel buttons, fine working.
  • Distance; from the top of the 9Th fret to the bottom of the strings, 3,5 mm.

Price: 900 USD