Artistic Lutheri Bruunari Guitars

Guitar 290


Melodija Menges (Rolyford), +/- 1950

Acoustic arch top, jazz / gypsy guitar Ser. Nr. 9.246

This is a overwhelming sounding fine guitar . Good basses and fine trebles. I did not do very much to the outlook of the Yugoslavian guitar but made it playable again. The old lady has wrinkles every were but she looks charming. This guitar is well repaired and the result is good. The sound of this big beauty is loud and clear. The chosen woods are laminated maple, spruce, and rosewood. On this guitar Bruunari polish is used. Buy this very well playable guitar which sounds very bright and with a great volume and sustain. It is a really beautiful looking and very warm expressive sounding collectors item.

  • Mensuur; (Scale) 64cm.
  • Wood: top; spruce, back and sides; laminated maple, neck; maple / rose wood, fretboard, rosewood, bridge rosewood, inlays and bindings; galalith.
  • Nut and saddle bone.
  • Fingerboard; 42 - 53 mm. (curved)
  • Frets; 19 brass.
  • Strings; Special Djangostrings.
  • Tuners; original, restored, they work all right now.
  • Distance; from the top of the 14th fret to the bottom of the strings, 3,5 mm.

Price: SOLD