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Guitar 324


Small German steel string Lorelei, +/- 1960

A not too bad sounding but bad looking small steel string. OK I do have more experience with nylon string classical- and flamenco guitars but I really do like this little wooden box. I did some repairs and adjustment to it, cleaned it and put my favorite metal strings on it. It plays easy and has a bright sound and good sustain. Chords do sound OK and finger picking is possible. To my opinion this is a real bluesy guitar. With a stick on microphone you can do miracles with this instrument. I do offer this expressive guitar with lots of volume (if you want to) for a low price. Just buy now it and you will have an unusual German steel string guitar.

  • Mensuur (scale) 61,5 cm
  • Wood: top: linde, back and sides maple? , fret board: maple, bridge beech, neck; beech, rosette painted.
  • Nut: rosewood, saddle: bone.
  • Fingerboard: 46 – 56 mm.
  • Frets: 19 brass
  • Strings: New Heritage low tension
  • Tuners: old simple nickel, good working.
  • Distance: from the top of the 12Th fret to the bottom off the strings, 3,5 mm.

Price: SOLD