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Guitar 350


Salvador Ibanez, 1896

This guitar is build by Salvador Ibanez wenn he had his workshop in Calle DE RUSAFA 8 c in Valencia. He had his workshop there from 1896 til 1898. This guitar was a wreck. The sides were in more ten 10 pieces and it was a complete jig saw puzzle, but I restored this unique guitar to the best of my skills. All part used are the original parts! Of course the repaires done will remain visible, but this beauty is safed for the next generation. The complete restoration is on my website. Before, during and after all the work was done. The result is a remarkable sounding and very well playing museum instrument which should have a new owner. If you have no Salvador Ibanez in your collection yet , this is your chance.

  • Mensuur; (Scale) 64,8 cm.
  • Wood ; spruce, back and sides; beautifull rosewood, neck; cedrella ?, fret board, rosewood?, bridge; rosewood?, inlays and bindings; wood and mother of pearl.
  • Nut; bone
  • Saddle; bone
  • Fingerboard; 52 - 57 mm.
  • Frets; nickel , 18.
  • Strings; DÁdario normal tention
  • Tuners; beautifull brass, original , good working now.
  • Distance; from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the strings, 3,5 mm.

Price: SOLD

Click here for restoration pictures