Artistic Lutheri Bruunari Guitars

Guitar 705


Lucien Gelas Jean Rovies, 1920

A unique instrument which you can see only in books or in a museum. It is a Gelas model build by Jean Rovies in Paris in 1920 !! I did restore 6 more Gelas guitars, but never an acoustic Hawaiian. A playable museum piece not to hang on the wall. Grab this opportunity to get this unique historical guitar.

  • Mensuur; (Scale) 65,5cm.
  • Wood ; spruce, back and sides; maple, neck; pear? with rosewood, fret board, ebony, bridge; ebony.
  • Nut; ?
  • Saddle; ?
  • Fingerboard; 44 - 54 mm.
  • Frets; nickel, 19.
  • Strings; Special Argentina
  • Tuners; replaces nickel.
  • Distance; from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the strings, 8,5 mm.

Price: SOLD