Artistic Lutheri Bruunari Guitars

Guitar 917


Valencia +/- 1960

An example of a guitar out of the Valencia school.The technique used for the building of this guitar is known in Valencia for decates but the quality of the instruments are not the same at all. Compared to guitars from Andres Marin, Vicente Tatay or Teleforo Julve this guitar look like an expirement. There are laminated woods used the frets are brass, the strutting has 5 rough soundbars. But on the otherhand it plays easy and sounds realy great. It is not the nicest guitar i had in hands, but for a low prince you will bay a very nice traditional Spanisch guitar. Classical and /or flamenco fine volume, deep basses bright trebles. Do not believe what people say about laminated woods. Blindfolded, most of the guitarplayers will not notice the differends wen i took them to a test!! Also most of the guitars in musea have laminated back and sides . Nut on spruce, rosewood on spruce etc.

  • Mensuur; (Scale) 65 cm
  • Woods; top; laminated good book matched spruce, back and sides; book matched mahogany neck; mahogany, fret board; rosewood, bridge; rosewood, Rosette; nice inlays, binding and purfling wood.
  • Nut bone and and saddle bone.
  • Fingerboard; 52 – 60 mm.
  • Frets; 18 brass.
  • Strings; Special Martins.
  • Tuners; nickel original, good working
  • Distance; from the top of the 12Th fret to the bottom of the strings, 4 mm. (adjustable)

Price: SOLD