Artistic Lutheri Bruunari Guitars

Guitar 919


Oscar Teller 55, 1973

Undoubtable an Oscar Teller. In de years I am a luthier I had over 900 guitars in my hand and almost 70 of them where Oscar Tellers. Fine instruments with a great and specific sound. You like ik or you do not. I made a pricelist of Teller in the year 1973.The 55 is above the 6/A Just keep in mind thee 300 D Mark was almost a month income !! All Tellers give you value for money. The high end models like the 6/A, the 55 and the nr 7 to 10 are becoming difficult to find. Most of the time it is the student models you get. Value for money! About guitar nr 919, ask other people what they say about the Tellersound. Buy it and be surprised. Nice volume, good sustain transparent and fine to play.

  • Mensuur; (Scale) 65
  • Woods; top; book matched very good German spruce, back and sides; beautiful book matched rosewood neck; mahogany, reinforced fret board; nice rosewood, bridge; rosewood, Rosette; nice inlays, binding and purfling wood.
  • Nut and saddle; bone
  • Fingerboard; 51 to 62 mm
  • Frets; 19 nickel.
  • Strings; Special Aguila,s (close to gut)
  • Tuners; original eautiful brass reubners, fine working
  • Distance; from the top of the 12Th fret to the bottom of the strings, 3,5 mm

Price: SOLD